SM 30

Shirt Pocket – size magnetic susceptibility meter

Sensitive and accurate tool for field measurement of magnetic susceptibility of outcropping rocks, drill cores or rock samples.

The SM30 is a small magnetic susceptibility meter. Thanks to the high sensitivity we can measure sediments and rocks with extremely low level of magnetic susceptibility. In addition, we can distinctly measure diamagnetic materials such as limestone, qartz and also water.

The SM30 is controlled by three push buttons. One of them serves to save up to 250 measured values into nonvolatile memory and to recall them later. The last measured value is automatically displayed after SM30 is switched on. If no button is pressed for 3 minutes, the instrument switches off automatically. The SM30 has aᅠbeeper indicating intervals in which the information from the rock is picked-up.

The SM30 is powered from two coin lithium batteries CR2430. If the instrument is not used too extensively, the batteries may last for years thanks to their low self-discharge.


  • HIGH SENSITIVITY 1×10-7 SI UNITS - The sensitivity is 10 times better than that of the competitive instruments.
  • SMALL SIZE AND LOW WEIGHT - The SM30 is truly shirt pocket – size instrument.With dimension 100×65×25 mm and  weight 0.18 kg SM30 outperforms competitors 3 times.
  • LOW NOISE - Thanks to sophisticated signal processing the noise induced in pick - up coil is suppressed well under the resolution 1×10-7 SI units.
  • DEEP PENETRATION OF THE SIGNAL - The sensor design enables to get 90% of its signal from the first 20 mm of the rock. This  feature allows more accurate readings on uneven surfaces of all rock types.
  • SIMPLE OPERATION - Auto-ranging and three-button control makes the meter the easiest to operate by one hand only. Internal memory can store 250 readings.
  • SIX MEASURING MODES - Four from six measuring modes suppress linear part of the thermal drift.
  • WARRANTY - One-year warranty is icluded in the price. We offer 48 hours turnaround support and repair service for any instrument sent from any location worldwide. Subsequent customer support is provided.


The SM30 has 8 kHz LC oscilator with aᅠlarge size pick-up coil as aᅠsensor. The oscilation frequency isᅠmeasured when

  • the coil is put to the surface of measured rock
  • the coil is removed tens of cm away

The SM30 offers six measuring modes. Four of them compensate for linear part of the thermal drift.

The large number of the memory registers (250) is used especially when scanning mode is used.

Though the instrument is small, the pick-up coil is large enough in diameter to measure sufficiently high volume.


Each graph has 100 values, 4meas./min. No sample, no movement with the instrument. Test software supplied with the instrument.


1×10-7 SI Units


Less than 5s

4 digits LCD

3 push buttons

56 mm in diameter

-20 °C to 50 °C

2 lithium CR2430

Approx 80 hrs

100×65×25 mm

0.180 kg


  • operating manual
  • RS232 cable
  • PC software for data transmission and for external control


Operating frequency

Measurement time

Digital display


Pick-up coil

Operating temperature


Battery life



PC interface

Standard accessories






user's manual

user's manuals please ask via e-mail